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Dental High Speed Handpiece 45 Degree

Dental High Speed Handpiece 45 Degree

​Dental high speed handpiece 45 degree is used for minimally invasive extraction of any tooth, especially for the deep bone removal, cutting and separation of impacted teeth.

  • Description

    Product Introduction

    Dental high speed handpiece 45 degree is used for minimally invasive extraction of any tooth, especially for the deep bone removal, cutting and separation of impacted teeth.

    Product Parameter)

    Product Parameter

    Dental high speed handpiece 45 degree


    Air pressure



    Torque:21 standard:19






    Internal water spray

    Chuck type

    push button

    Bur applicable


    Product feature and application

    Suitable for separation and extraction of wisdom teeth and impacted teeth

    Rear exhaust design, when rotating at high speed, the front end is 100% without air blowing to avoid air sacs and emphysema

    1. It adopts the integrated shaft core (collet clamp) of turbine and bearing, which is simple and convenient for replacement.

    2. Two-hole or four-hole interface to meet the needs of different users.

    3. A good field of vision and angle will make the treatment more efficient.

    4. The spring chuck has high accuracy and the radial runout is below 10μm (ten thousandths of a millimeter), with low running noise and high reliability.

    5. The handle part feels suitable for holding, and easy to clean.

    6. High temperature disinfection is available

    Product details

    Single water spray, no blind angle in the treatment area, while achieving cooling effect.

    The design of the 45°angle handpiece and slender body cleverly expands the operating space in the oral cavity, and better determines the pivot point so that the bur can easily penetrate the root of the tooth, thereby ensuring efficient separation.

    When the anterior teeth are protruding or the roots are excessively bent, the operation and angle of the bur are restricted due to the obstacles, and it is difficult to separate according to the required direction and depth. Traditional machine head design is limited by operating space, which affects the cutting angle and effect of the bur.

    45 degree to meet the needs of all-round tooth extraction

    Small head of the handpiece reduces the sight of the surgeon

    The traditional method of tooth extraction uses dental forceps, osteotome, bone hammer and other instruments to increase gap, remove bone and divide teeth. Minimally invasive tooth extraction is an important technological innovation of ancient tooth extraction, and it embodies the modern medical concept of humanistic care and "patient-centered". The concept of minimally invasive tooth extraction is to use minimally invasive tooth extraction devices and minimally invasive surgical techniques to minimize the physical and psychological impact and trauma of the tooth extraction process on the patient. The whole process of tooth extraction reduces the damage to soft and hard tissues, reduces the amount of bone removal, shortens the operation time, and avoids the fear of patients caused by traditional percussion.

    By using 45-degree tooth extraction handpiece on minimally invasive tooth extraction to open the flap to transform the impacted tooth into an exposed tooth. Through the cutting and root separation in the tooth, multiple teeth are transformed into a single tooth, thereby achieving the purpose of minimally invasive tooth extraction.